Doings in the Shop January 2017

Between taking off the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, celebrating MLK day, and getting a few snow days thrown in the mix, I’ve gotten used to a rather leisurely lifestyle lately. But now it’s back-to-work time. Ah, well…

Some of the free time I’ve enjoyed this past month has been spent in the shop, and I put out a few related videos:

2017 01 02 Shop Made Tools – Here I talk about a few tools I’ve collected that were made, not by me, but not in a factory either. Somebody needed a tool and just made it. I love these things. One of the ones I show here was the inspiration for my own tool build, which I will show in a later set of videos.

2017 01 07 Atlas 12 Thread Project: Spindle Mock-up – I’m working toward making some items to mount on my lathe spindle. First order of business was making a mock-up of my spindle to check the fit of the internal threads I’ll be cutting later.

2017 01 10 Old School Layout – Here I describe how I finally started doing layout for metal work “the right way,” using some excellent antique tools I’ve collected, to include a cast iron surface plate.

2017 01 15 Atlas 12 Gear Cutting 01 – The first of what will be a series of videos on cutting new gears for my Atlas 12. Here I show why the job needs to be done.

2017 01 16 Stanley No 80 Cabinet Scraper – I show the use of a great antique woodworking tool you should pick up if you get the chance (and if you are into woodworking, of course).

2017 01 28 Atlas 12 Gear Cutting 02 – Second in the series, and here I show the beginnings of the arbor I made to hold gear cutters.

In addition to these doings, I’ve begun building what I hope will be a collection of “resource” pages, and the first in the collection is a page dedicated to the type of lathe I currently own, the Atlas/Craftsman 12-inch “Commercial” lathe. The resources page can be accessed here.

That’s it! Just wanted to show I haven’t been completely lazy in all the time I haven’t been posting here.

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