My name is Rick, and I made it over the hill toward the end of 2016. I’m choosing 50 as this milestone for several reasons: First, I like to be optimistic. To say the crest of my personal hill is at 50 implies that I’m aiming for 100. Why not? I’d be fine with that so long as I get to keep my wits about me and remain marginally independent. So let’s go for it.

Second, 50 hit me with much greater force than the usually-ascribed 40. Forty was kinda “meh” for me. My kids were young, and they kept me too busy to think about what “stage” I might be entering. I was in daddy stage, and that was just fine.

By 50, the kids were teens (well, almost in the girl’s case, but she’s precocious). I’m still called upon for taxi service, but they are otherwise low-maintenance. So I’ve got a little more time on my hands. Time to start entertaining those “midlife crisis” thoughts.

But, hey, I’m not dead yet. I do have a greater sense of urgency about time, and my use of it. How much more of it do I want to spend chasing a career? If the answer is “as little as possible,” what then? How soon could I get off the treadmill? And what would I do once I was off? I suspect a lot of people have these thoughts around this point in life (earlier for the smart ones), so that’s what this site is about.

Here at the outset, I intend to focus on the categories of earning, simplifying, and doing. There will also be random musings thrown in, so I expect I’ll create a category for that as well. Perhaps others. Meantime, to understand what I mean by these things, look for the introductory posts in each of these categories.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I really wanted a “blog” or a “forum,” but the blog format seemed to be the easiest way for a neophyte to get the ball rolling. But you can think of it like a forum, with the categories serving the same function as “topics.”

For those of you who are interested, I’m using WordPress, with the free “Indie” theme, hosted for now by HostGator. I’m struggling to learn to use the modern web tools, since the last time I built a website was back in the 90s when HTML was about all there was to it. So bear with me.