Hat-Trick Sunday Fun-day

Let’s see, what was I doing today? Was it earning, simplifying, or doing? Take a look at the video:

Okay, what did you think? On the one hand I was tinkering in my shop, which is one of my favorite things to do, so that was good. On the other hand, the subject of my tinkering was an old mini-lathe that has been taking up valuable shop space for a year or more, and I was evaluating it for potential sale. If I sell it, that would count for both earning and simplifying. So I may have managed a hat-trick.

I may have mentioned that my hobbies really stand in the way of my simplification goal. I have a difficult time parting with tools. As a result, well, you can see the state of my shop in the video. So I plan to do a lot of selling before Christmas. My goal is to come out better-than-even, to make back more than I spend. And to gain some sanity space.

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