Ebaying My Life Away

I spent the day posting stuff on Ebay. Here’s a gratuitous puppy shot I took by way of demonstrating a camera lens I’m selling:


I know, she’s cute. And yes, she gets away with murder. Her name is Sieglinde. Her brother’s name is Schnapps.

Ebaying your stuff is de rigueur for the would-be simplifier, and there are stories out there of people selling just about every last damned thing they own in one fell swoop, right down to the clothes in their closets. They must be a lot faster at it than I am, however, because it gets to where I look at an item, think of the time it’s going to take to photograph it, find a box for it, weigh it, measure the box, do up the whole ad, post the ad, pack and tape the box, then deal with the post office, and half the time I figure I’m better off tossing the item in the donation pile. Even if you get into a groove, you’ve got to figure at least a half-hour of touch time for each item. After Ebay and Paypall take their cut, I can’t see how it can be worth it if the item is less than 30 or 40 dollars.

I’ll have to ask my friend Zach about that. He buys and sells machine tools, and he is a power seller. Many of his items go for thousands, but there are plenty of five-dollar items thrown in the mix. How is it even worth it? I’ll let you know what he says.

In any case, although I am glad to have this avenue available to make a few dollars while clearing my clutter, I don’t see “buying and selling” as an enjoyable pastime for me. It’s too much like work. I’d rather go fishing. So I need to make sure I don’t accumulate more of this crap after I clear this lot out.

Here’s another gratuitous puppy shot:


Have a great day!

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