My First YouTube Check – Woot!

Completely unrelated to anything I’ve yet done on this blog, I have a YouTube channel. It’s just a hobby channel–started off with random stuff to share with family and then wound up showing the putzing around that I do in my garage/shop. A year or so ago I decided to “monetize” it–show ads. Well looky what happened today:

That’s right! I met the payment threshold. YouTube won’t pay you until your earnings cross the $100 mark, and apparently that just happened. A fat Ben Franklin is heading my way, just in time for Christmas. Woo hoo!

In case you’re wondering–I have at this moment a total of 66 videos, 302 subscribers, and 78,094 views on my channel.

Yeah, that’s chicken scratch. I know. But I’ve been having fun with it. The people who make real money at this business, I’m convinced, are the ones who sit around figuring out how to make videos that go viral–boob shots, cute pets, guys hurting themselves being stupid (usually taking a hit to the junk in the process), “vine” compilations, stuff like that. None of that really appeals to me, but who knows? Maybe I’ll get inspired someday.

On a more serious note–I have to say that my shop addiction is an instance in which I find my “doing” preferences to be at odds with my “simplification” goals. I have a shit-ton of tools, and I’d have to get rid of most of them if I ever wanted to travel light again. It could be done. When I was in grad school, living in the dorms, I made do with a Black and Decker Work-Mate for a workbench and a few woodworking hand tools, including a nice set of carving gouges. I got a lot of mileage out of that setup.

A tipping point for me was when I got into metalworking a few years ago. The tooling possibilities for that hobby are insane. With woodworking, I could realistically imagine hitting a point at which I would quite literally not want a single other tool. In metalworking, there will always be something that would be “nice” to have. And it’s not very portable stuff. “Heavy Metal,” and all that. Har har. My Bridgeport mill weighs roughly 2,200 lbs. Yeah, literally a ton. And change.

So who knows what the future will bring? The kids are still in school, so we won’t be going anywhere for another five years or so. May as well use the garage to its fullest, right?

I’ve downloaded a YouTube plug-in for WordPress which is supposed to allow me to integrate the channel into the blog. Maybe that will be set up by the time you read this. Meantime, here’s a link to my channel:


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