New Gear Cutter Video and other Doings

Much of this past weekend was spent involved in yet another shop reorganization, not to be confused with the one from two years ago.

I did make time to attend my daughter’s performance in Middle School District Band–Woot!

After the concert, my son and I stopped off to visit the nearby U.S Army Transportation Museum. Among the many interesting exhibits were a few devoted to experimental vehicles. This one caught my attention:

My wife dubbed this the “Pogo Stick Landmine Detector,” which is about as ludicrous an idea as the real one, in this case. Those are twin rotors beneath the dummy, and a better camera angle would have shown the engine upon which he’s practically sitting. What could possibly go wrong? I feel sorry for the poor schmuck to whose lot it fell to be the test pilot.

Lastly, I edited and posted the remaining footage from the build of my gear cutter arbor:

I look forward to getting back to the gear cutting project once this re-org is accomplished.

Oh, one last shop project occupied my evenings last week: I made a going-away gift for a colleague who is a “plank holder” in our organization. I polished up an antique bell and machined up a bracket to attach it to a plaque:

There is a bit of an inside joke involved in the gift design, but I also wanted it to be a decent memento. I forgot to snap a picture of the bracket I made (hidden by the body of the bell in this shot), and my buddy has already packed it away for his move, so showing that will have to wait until he reaches his new home and gets around to unpacking it. It wasn’t a half-bad piece of redneck engineering, if I do say so myself.

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