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  • JL Collins: (Category: Earning) Collins is becoming a hero of mine, the more of him I read. An English major who made good. Knocks down preconceptions all across the board: Says dollar-cost-averaging is bad; sticks to just two funds, advocates renting over owning…What a dude. As a bonus, he’s even older than I am, so I don’t have to feel like I’m taking advice from some snot-nosed upstart. Favorite posts:
    • How I failed my daughter and a simple path to wealth – In this post, Collins describes the genesis of his book, which I intend to plug here. In short, it began as a series of letters to his daughter, who “didn’t want to spend all of her time thinking about money.” At this point in his life, he had already written volumes of financial advice on his blog, so it was really a matter of distilling things down to a friendly, portable format. I bought a copy for both of my kids this Christmas (2016).
    • Roots vs. Wings: considering home ownership – A thoughtful post in which Collins ruminates on home ownership, taking into account the emotional aspect of the own/rent decision. He runs the brutal numbers elsewhere to show ownership just doesn’t make plain financial sense in most markets, but acknowledges here that the decision can be the right one for some folks.
  • ToSimplify.Net: (Category: Simplifying) Glenn is a professional saxophonist and composer who downsized first to a Class C motorhome and then, because that wasn’t simple enough, down to a radically modified VW Vanagon. He has been living in his “Intergalactic Spaceship” for quite some time now, and he has it down to an art and a science. I enjoy following his adventures.


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  • mrpete222: (Category: Doing) Mr. Pete aka Tubalcain aka Lyle Peterson is the shop teacher you wished you had in high school. Luckily for us, now that he is retired he is making wonderful instructional videos, and his teaching is thereby reaching a much larger audience (120K subscribers as of Dec 2016). When I got my first metal lathe and started searching the web for a clue as to how I might use it, I quickly found my way to his channel, and it is my recommended first stop for anybody else in that situation. It was through Mr. Pete that I found my way to Keith Fenner, Abom79, Keith Rucker, Doubleboost, oxtoolco, xynudu, and all the rest. You should check them out too. But start with Mr. Pete.
  • Zoffinger: (Categories: Simplifying, Doing) Marty Zoffinger is a NY native who moved down to Florida more than ten years ago. A few years back, he took up kayak fishing by building a “poor man’s fishing kayak.” He started posting videos. Not long ago he gave up his day job. He recently (Dec 2016) passed the 100K-subscriber mark. Favorite posts:
    • An Unexpected Pleasure – Typical Marty, heading out for a morning paddle with a couple of fishing poles. Fun to ride along.
    • Quick Boat Update: Part 17 Tiki Boat? – Did I mention Marty is an artist? Here are a few Tiki projects he completed to personalize his boat.
    • I’m Homeless – A really powerful post in which Marty abandons his home of ten years (a detached house) to move aboard the boat he had been working on for the previous year or so. In the previous video, he talked candidly about what it was like to downsize, getting rid of the majority of his stuff. Obviously, that resonated with me.