The Tool Shed

I’m offering a few items for sale here as an alternative to selling them on eBay. Since my web development skills are weak, the best way to initiate a purchase is to simply email me at, and say, “I want to buy that thingamajig.” I will then send you a PayPal invoice. Let’s see how this all works out, no?

MT3 Chucks: Two for one! A Supreme 24T3 (BIG honker) and a Jacobs 6A. I will let the pair of these go for $60 shipped in the US. Pictures can be found here.

Vermont Gage Pin Gages Series B: Please look at the pictures carefully because I don’t really know what to look for here. The case says these are “Series ‘B’ MINUS .001-.250; however, it looks to me like one or two pins were replaced, so maybe they’re the “plus” type? Like I said, take a look at the pictures. $65 shipped in the US.